Wings of love
The show presents the mythical game of the black swan and white swan, having the main message the idea that where women unite in Love and Eros all unfavorable magic loses its power.


Ananga Ranga – The Ancient Art of Eros
Based on the Indian Love treaty with the same title, the show reveals the secrets of the Oriental Art of lovemaking, in a poetic choreography based on erotic postures, with their specific energy emanations and inner states.


The Realm of Heavenly Waters
An allegoric story set in the Kingdom of the Ocean, where a whole range of archetypal beings of the subtle astral world reveal their specific beauty, eroticism and love.


Dombi – The Lover of God
A choreographic retelling of an Oriental story of wisdom about a King who chose love and spiritual initiation above wealth and power; a story about renouncing, and fast transformation through the power of the Tantric Eros.


Kama Sutra – A Wedding in Heaven
Kama Sutra literally means “the divine laws of the erotic desire”. The elevated passionate fusion between man and the woman is not meant for the diversification of erotic delights but a means to access the cosmic feminine and masculine archetype and cosmic state of love that results from the union between the two.


The Magic Game of Love
A symbolic staging of the Myth of Creation in which The Universal feminine, as the power of creation manifest in the erotic game with Ultimate masculine power of consciousness, played by a professional magician as a symbol of perfect control over the creative energies., placed on the boundary between the illusion of the world and the Divine reality.


KALI – The Breath of Time
The story of the couple, who can only pass the tests of the implacable Goddess of Time and win Her grace if they constantly remember the divine aim of their love: spiritual transformation.


APSARAS – The Mystery of Initiation
The spiritual initiation through the Power of Eros is the most efficient and most overwhelming of all forms of initiation, but it is accessible only for those who are prepared for it: opened their hearts for Divine Love and acquired a perfect control of all the energies of their inner universe.